How To Make Lilacs Last

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My small lilac tree I planted a few years ago is starting to bloom this week! I was hesitant to cut any flowers to enjoy inside as they usually wilt within a day.

After a bit of research I have found a few tips that I've used to make my lilacs last longer inside. My lilacs are going on day 4 and still look perky!

Tip #1 - If buying lilacs from the store, make a fresh cut before placing in the vase
Tip #2 - If cutting from your garden, try and cut lilacs in the early morning or late at night
Tip #3 - Remove any excess leaves around the stem of the lilacs
Tip #4 - With your pruning shears or scissors, pound the bottom of the stem a few times until the white flesh is exposed. (See photo below). The water won't be able travel up to the lilac otherwise.
Tip #5 - Fill a vase with water between 110 degree F and 120 degrees F and place lilacs in vase